Folded Rock

Adjacent to Battenkill Valley Outdoors is a trail that leads to Folded Rock. Purchased by the state in the early 2000's, a trail was created in 2003 by a volunteer group which included The Adirondack Mountain Club, The Battenkill Conservancy, and local supporters.

Bears at BVO guide you to the entrance from our side!

The trail is 5 miles round trip, but offers a good workout. As the local Ranger, Mike Bodnar aptly puts it- it is the perfect workout. 10 minute warm up, a cardio push up a 1000 ft. elevation gain in .6 mile, a maintenance hike along the saddle- to a visual reprieve at the top where you overlook the Battenkill Valley, Eldridge Swamp, and out toward the Adirondacks.

Hike Folded Rock Trail and other So. Washington Co Trails

Free-State Owned /Person

Adhacent to BVO- Park in our lot and don't miss a thing!

  • 2.5 miles each way
  • Punchy- nice 10 warm up, leads to 1000 ft. elevation- wags along saddle to nice overlook of the Cambridge Valley
  • Up and back trail

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