Frequently Asked Questions

River Check list: (most items for sale at BVO shop)

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Bug Repellent
  • Eyewear retainers
  • Snacks / food
  • Water shoes

Payment Options:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (processing fee applies)

Tips? What’s etiquette?
Kayaks can tip- so canoe! A fun, whimsical way to say- yes, our staff delivers, and rewards for this service are always most appreciated!

Avg trip is 2 hours.
We can vary the times based on where we launch you and where we pick you up.

We are not – the river flows across the road. Therefore, we shuttle you to and from the river.
You come here, park on sight, and we take care of the rest!

If you need a shuttle only – that is one scenario we can help with:

  • With prearrangement: Offload your equipment at the put in spot. While your friends are organizing the load, a driver will drive to the takeout.
  • Call the shop – we will bring the driver up to the put in
  • Your car is waiting at the end of the trip !
  • We aren’t tying your equipment

If you want to bring your own boat with friends/family renting, we can include your craft

  • Cost is $35 / seat in the van

We allow all ages with parental discretion. We have lifejackets to fit infant to XXXL  and do our best to pick a craft that is safest for all ages.

We offer dry boxes for cell phones while on the river
We also offer drybags for clothing, lunch, etc.
Clothing layers are recommended –
We ask NO glass bottles!
Bring food / snacks – make it fun for all.
We do have coolers on site for rental if needed.

All rentals include shuttle to and from the river, life jackets, drybags.

We strongly encourage NOT to take anything on the river you can’t afford to loose.
The river has lots of keys, wallets, and treasures!
We have a stash place for your wallets and keys behind the counter
Otherwise, you can store them in your car.

You may be sharing the van with other participants, but that does not necessarily mean you will all launch together.

There could be separate launches –
Or you might all launch at the same location – but spaced apart.

The Battenkill is a natural resource – we cannot predict anything! The river is not too wide at any one point.
Keep a cool head!  Hang onto your paddle and boat if possible– make sure the craft is not flowing over you.
Get to the edge – gently roll the boat to get the water out to relaunch!

A tube is considered an inflatable device. While we always endorse the use of life jackets, tubers over 18 can opt out on the waiver.
Tubers under 18 must have signed approval from a parent or guardian.

Tying  together can create hazards if the tubes encounter an obstacle and drift different directions.
It also significantly slows down the float.
That said, if you want to tie them together, we can offer straps – understanding the issues.

NYS prohibits a child riding in a lap. We have different size tubes, seat slings, and bottoms to our tubes.

The Battenkill flows from Vermont into New York. We launch you upstream, and the current will float you to a downriver takeout.