The Battenkill

The Battenkill is a natural flow river which meanders out of the Manchester, VT area headwaters,  and converges with the Hudson River in Greenwich, NY. From shallow shoals to deep holes, cutting through the green hills of VT as well as the farming fields of New York, this resource offers challenges, as well as a relaxing float. The journey is never the same twice. Affected most directly by the rain, or lack of, this river offers a variety of experiences. Teeming with wildlife one often sees trout, deer, mink, songbirds, heron, eagles and osprey.

Battenkill Valley Outdoors offers options to see and experience the river. We cater to all ages and abilities, within reason for this activity. Our rental equipment is from very reputable companies, and we strive to keep it in good order. 

USGS Map developed for Battenkill Conservancy

What to expect at BVO

Customized Trips

At Battenkill Valley Outdoors, we customize each trip to fit your needs. You tell us how long you want to float, and based on the river conditions, we map out a nice journey, put you in, and pick you up. Take a cell phone along,  (in a dry box we lend you) and call us at the end. So, go as fast or slow as you wish Less time waiting around for all of us!

2 trips a day. Meet at BVO at 9am or 11am

Van heads out at 9:30 and 11:30 - this allows travel time and an easy river pace


Reservations are essential - we are unable to accommodate walk in business. A credit card can hold equipment so it is there when you come. Pay as you wish at the counter. This card is not run unless you do not show. A 24 hour notice is required for cancellation. If inclement weather, high water, or other factors cause BVO to cancel the trip, you will not be charged

River Stewardship

  • Be respectful of other river users
  • Float quietly behind fishermen
  • Respect private landowners and privately owned riverbanks
  • Leave no trace-carry in-carry out all trash

Out of respect for the fishermen, it was established years ago,
that the outfitters would keep hours of 9-6
This allows the early AM and later PM hours for the anglers to enjoy this resource as well.

Tips? What’s the etiquette?

Kayaks can tip- so canoe This is a sign we post in the shop. It is a fun, whimsical way to say- yes, our staff delivers, and rewards for this service, are always, most appreciated!

Rental Rates

We do not time the trips, all rates apply to any length trip from 1 hour to all day. First launch is approximately 9:30 (after paperwork, boat choice, loading etc.) and the second launch is 11:30. All floaters need to be off the water by 4:00 PM. Please try to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your launch time to allow for check-in and transportation

Rental Tandem Canoe or Kayak

$85.00 /Boat

Includes all taxes, pfd, paddles, drybag or box, shuttle to and from the river

Canoe for 2
Center seat add $20.00
Tandem hard shell kayak
Tandem inflatable kayak

Rental Solo Kayak

60.00 /Boat

Includes all taxes, pfd, paddle, drybag or box, shuttle to and from the river

Solo Kayak with varieties to pick from
Solo inflatable kayak

Rental 9 Ft Commercial Raft

$45.00 (min $90.00) /each adult, kids under 12 go free

Includes all taxes, pfd, paddles, drybag or box, shuttle to and from the river

Great for families with young ages
Great for 4 close friends
Great for higher water conditions
Great option for groups

Rent an awesome Tube (most) w/bottoms

$35.00 /Tube

Includes all taxes, pfd, drybag or box, shuttle to and from the river

Quality tubes with bottoms
Cooler tube (optional / extra fee)

The Shuttle

Shuttles are included with all rental prices.

Bringing friends, and you have your own boat?
Bring it along, and we will fill in the necessary rental fleet.

Just need a shuttle?
We can still customize your journey, find a nice route, and help you with the process.

Call for details and reservations.

Private Boat shuttle with Group Reservations

$30.00 /Boat

Paddle your own boat while joining your family and friends.

Private Tube Shuttle with Group Reservations

$20.00 /Seat in van

Float your own tube while joining your family and friends.

River Corridor Shuttle

$20.00 /Person

No rentals included. Driver shuttle only.